Storytelling vs Promoting

The web is full of talking-heads trying to sell you something. To stand out from the crowd, your video must offer more than the standard "promo video."

Video is a powerful medium because it allows people to connect viscerally.
  • Here at Interchange, we specialize in telling your story with a sense of intimacy and immediacy, allowing viewers to develop a true emotional connection.
  • Even if we just need a short sound-bite, we like to interview subjects for a minimum of 30 minutes. We almost never script people because when you do, their responses usually sound forced. With our interviewers’ compassionate guidance, subjects speak from their hearts, saying things infinitely more powerful than something we could dream up for a script.
  • The first rule of filmmaking is show, don’t tell. At Interchange, we often film vérité or live-action scenes and place them at the core of your film. Whenever possible, we want people to really see what you do.