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Motion Graphics

LEAP Innovations connects innovation and education to reinvent our one-size-fits-all system and transform the way kids learn. Rebecca worked with LEAP on a tight deadline to edit over 15 hours of case studies into this micro-documentary.

How did we do it? It all starts with the paper edit and a literal cut and paste. Here’s a photo of the project spread across my kitchen table. Don’t ask where our family ate dinner!


“Rebecca handled this tight-deadline, high-stakes project gracefully and with ease. Not only did she operate in an incredibly professional way, she also managed to pull her passion for equity in education through the project, resulting in a final product that far surpassed our expectations.”
     -Liana Blum Mora, Digital and Website Manager, LEAP Innovations

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are grateful for not only the outcome but the process. You were fantastic every step of the way.”
     -Melissa Oakley, Principal, The C3 Company – Corporate Communications Consulting

Key Credits

Director/Producer/Editor: Rebecca Parrish
Motion Graphics: Warren Rudd
Color Correction: Kevin Frederick
Sound Design: Stephen Wilkerson
Edited from pre-existing client footage.