Relationships First


Education, Film
Motion Graphics

Steve McWade survived childhood trauma and decided to become a teacher so he could help other kids. Watch how Steve’s leverages genuine personal connection with his students to power their academic growth.

The second in a six-part “Impact Stories Initiative” series for LEAP Innovations, this piece showcases a fierce advocate for Personalized Learning who was able to strengthen his practice through the community and resources he found at LEAP. 

Featuring live action footage and in-depth interviews, we crafted a powerful story that interweaves Steve’s personal history with the impact of his work today.

A message from Tara Shaun Cain, Principal of Stebve’s School, Lovett Elementary:

“This story became the groundwork as well to our shifting mindsets around responding to misbehavior, engagement, and establishing trust. The feedback I have received has been nothing short of amazing. The words most frequently used are inspiring, awe, and gratitude. Thank you for giving a voice and an audience for this work and for reminding people that our purpose in education is to keep students at the center and the core of everything we do!”

Key Credits

Director/Camera/Editor: Rebecca Parrish
Location Sound Recordist: Shuling Yong
Motion Graphics: Warren Rudd
Color Correction: Kyle Kelly
Sound Design: Steve Wilkerson